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New international chat roulette, for you!

With technological improvements and the rise of social media, we live in a connected world where we can communicate at any time, easily. A camera is all you need to try the new random video chat and enjoy all the benefits it brings you for free.

Alternative Chat Roulette: communicate when you want

As everyone is juggling between different activities (work, friends and family, sports and leisure), it can be difficult to find someone to talk to. We sometimes also struggle to get attention from someone who’s busy on their phone. Or we sometimes feel like talking, not to the people we are close to, but with someone we don’t know: we can open up more easily to a stranger we’ll never meet again. And it is exactly what you can find in the video chat in France.

Imagine that you could enjoy all the pros of online dating and speed dating in a single application: meet many people in little time, but from your home, on your phone or laptop. You no longer have to endure a long date if you don’t click, a single click will show you a new person you may have more in common with.

The video chat that opens you up to the whole world

You dream of being able to speak with people from the whole the world? Now, you can, thanks to the video chat application, where you can talk with new people in a few clicks. If you’re sick and tired of dates at the local coffee shop, start chatting with people who live anywhere in the world.

The chat roulette lets you choose in which country you want to make connections. No need to follow borders! You only have to choose a filter and let things happen. You can choose the place you live in, go see the neighbours or go to the end of the world. You’ll be travelling without leaving your home.

Tailor-made meetings in the webcam chat

When you meet someone, you feel immediately if you’re attracted to them and if you have things in common. It depends on many factors but age definitely plays a part: you can enjoy talking to people your own age, or have a different type of conversation with someone older or have fun with younger people!

This is why, on the app, you can choose the age of the girls or guys you want to chat with. You have a filter that allows you to reduce or increase the age range as much as you want and so enjoy the free online video chat by chatting with the type of people you’re exactly interested in.